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Living is a series of unending questions. The ‘question on existence’ sought in the relationship of nature and human is the essential inquiry as a living person. In other words, the first thing before learning the phenomenon is to find out the position of the existence to form it. Existence is discovered first in the relationship between what is shown and what is to be looked at. The relative concept of two existences has the universe with each as the center, and it becomes more and more similar as they become closer. 

 The space in and out of the existence has come into the place of the existence, and accordingly, the recognition of the space is a natural process. The ambiguity in light beyond the boundary of the surface melts the transparent existence into the space, and the space in and out with overlapping would display the existence to unlimitedly expand it and this is to lead us to the existence of blue color in the abyss.

 I had the youth in a place where it was surrounded by the sea, and thereafter, the sea has taken its place in my vast heart as an empty space as well as longing for the sea. That is the same feeling with the falling into the deep abyss and it becomes one space. Longing for the sea has been systemized through the under the sea diving experience, and the existences felt under the volume of the water surface have come more sentimentally with the density and pressure of the sea water.  

 My work started from looking into the existence and actual space with respect to the relationship of nature and human. That is installed by having the organic images of the organisms in abyss for removing the ideal space of the scenario presumed on the basis of the feeling from traveling and also that is organized for the space crossed and transparent unity for the mutually different beings are the attempts to meet the existence floating around by submerging the exhibition space deep into the sea and leading the people appreciating into the space. It approaches to the reality of the existence by having the organic natural existence in the contemplation of the type that is hanging on the transcendental space, and the wrapping of the two existences in transparency and addition of the human existence in the production of structure. 

 Existence obtains the secret infinity in visual transparency with the appearance of the transcendental space from it. At last, we expect to bring the wisdom and insight to correctly see the phenomenon with the reality of transcendental space with the unyieldingly enlarged existence.

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